The Future National Museum

Year 2022

Interior Design - Exhibition Design

Co. W/ Tatu Laakso
Client - Finnish National Museum
Location - Helsinki, Finland

In 2026, a whole new museum complex will be opened on the museum’s current plot. The historical main building will be accompanied by an impressive new annex, designed by JKMM, that will bring a great deal of space for the quickly growing museum activities.

The exhibition is designed for the public to explore the plans of the National Museum’s annex and to participate in the visioning of the future National Museum.

In the Future National Museum space, you can explore JKMM’s visual vision of the future museum complex, and visit the interactive work by Tanja Bastamow and Aku Meriläinen where people’s thoughts on the future National Museum and archival images meet with the help of artificial intelligence. The space also showcases objects from the National Museum of Finland collections. In the future, also events will be organized there.

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