Wood Shaving Lamp

Year 2023

Furniture - Floor Lamp


Aspen Wood Lampshade and Alder Wood for the body

This project aimed to create a lighting design from the perspective of craftsmanship. The floor lamp was initiated by exploring the potential of showcasing the materiality of wood. Hand-planed wood shaves were employed to make the lampshade. Each shave was ultra-thin and cross-laminated with traditional handmade rice glue. The lampshade's edge was glued in thicker layers and acted as the structure. The four corners' shaves remained raw and curly, demonstrating the physical qualities of the wood shaves. When the light is on, the wood grain of the translucent wood shaves reveals its fibre structure, revealing the essence of the material. The lamp body and lampshade support are made entirely of wood in a geometric shape that contrasts with the organic lampshade. As a result, a warm lighting design that celebrates the quality of wood crafts and the beauty of imperfections is born.

Pricing is available upon request.

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