Year 2022
Art Installation and Furniture
Area 2.5 m2
Pine, spruce, Indian ink, beeswax

Monolith is an art installation, including three centre sculptures surrounded by six monolithic stools. The installation set allows the audience to sit on and interact with it. The concept of the art collection was related to the utensils made in the Neolithic. The sculptures were crafted and positioned in the centre with fresh pine logs. Their shapes were the reinterpretation of the artefacts found during the period. The top part of each totem-like sculpture hollowed out as a bowl - the item commonly be found in archaeology. The surface texture was hand-carved to enhance the tactility of the wooden texture that invites the viewers to touch it. The surrounding stools made of spruce glulam beams contrasted with the materiality of the sculptures at the centre. The shape of each seat significantly references the Stone Henge as its arrangement. The placement of wood stools formed a ring that symbolically resembles the ritual ceremony that happened during the time.

The set contains the below sculptures:

Henge 01
Henge 02
Henge 03
Henge 04

Pricing is available upon request.

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