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Wood splinters are treated as an imperfection to a smooth surface in woodworking in general, and they are subsequently planned and smoothened. ‘Wood Feathers’ subverts this notion, deliberately and repeatedly creating wood chips. This method does not take away the excess material to craft a determined form but keeps the original shape and creates a second skin covering it. The sculpting process is made by repeating the cuts densely to form a feather-like surface, transforming the hardness of the wood into something soft and tactile. The resulting wood feather is thin, light, and fragile, resembling living creatures' fur or pelt.

Through the repetitive process of chipping, the increasing number of feathers slowly changes the nature of the wood. Another life form emerges once the surface is covered with a certain amount of feathers. From a distance, the feathers appear identical. Upon closer inspection, however, each presents its shape and length. Each new feather makes a subtle change to the sculpture's overall look, encapsulates a crucial moment in the crafting process, and is testimony to the beauty of slow and continual change. The process reflects the natural, steady, and organic growth of a tree trunk. The result, on the other hand, presents a new way of experiencing wood as a soft and living material.
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